the modular multifunctional furniture

Surprisingly simple, mobile and usable everywhere with a handle hole for carrying. With the Xbrick, you’re not just securing a multifunctional piece of furniture, but a multitude of possibilities and solutions for your everyday problems! Discover all areas of application now!

Xbrick the modular stand-sit furniture is particularly suitable wherever creative teams need flexible, quickly convertible office furniture.

Variable learning and play landscapes with Xbrick®,
the modular multifunctional furniture

Xbrick is stackable, lightweight and mobile, easy to use as a stool or as a modular element indoors/outdoors.

Get the multifunctional tool for your functional training and workout – indoor and outdoor!

Secure now a modern, durable & comfortable seating element for lounge, garden, terrace or conservatory!

Xbrick is stackable, lightweight and mobile, easy to use as a stool or as a modular element indoors/outdoors.

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Other colors are available on request from a quantity of approximately 200 pieces.

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The modular multifunctional furniture Xbrick is as flexible as its requirements.
As a seat or standing aid, quickly converted into a pedestal or used as a table, Xbrick configures spaces in ever new and different ways. Intuitive, almost noiseless and in no time at all, for indoor and outdoor.

Convince yourself and order a starter set right away: two Xbrick with connecting element at an entry-level price. Test the versatile furniture and play building block for playing, living and learning.

Xbrick® is:​

Practical from A-Z

The multifunctional seating cube. In a timeless and simple design language, Xbrick® can be individually adapted to room situations: clever, innovative, high-quality and inexpensive at the same time.

Variable learning and play landscapes with Xbrick®, the modular multifunctional furniture

In the classroom, kindergarten or at home: with the Xbrick multifunctional building block, children and adults can build their own learning and play environment. Playfully easy, intuitive, safe and almost noiseless. Xbrick feels good to the touch, without hard edges and corners, but pleasantly firm and warm.

Learn mobile, play creative, sit ergonomically on the lightweight Xbrick®.

A self-determined, playful learning environment promotes development and learning success. With Xbrick, everyone can intuitively build what they need in the blink of an eye. Made of sensible materials. For indoors and outdoors.

Children's furniture Xbrick® suggestions

Whether daycare center, all-day school, university or sports club: We are happy to support you with project examples, inspiration, tender texts and tools such as CAD data, pCon and OFML.

Topic sustainability

Sustainable furniture - and play brick?

What makes the Xbrick multifunctional furniture a sustainable building block?

We deliberately chose the 100% recyclable EPP material for our seating cube because it makes the Xbrick so special and brings with it many advantages, both functionally and ecologically.

Unobtrusive, functional, a multifunctional piece of furniture with a timeless appearance. Xbrick is always at your service, never goes out of fashion and accompanies users visually for a long time. The well thought-out design of the Xbrick was awarded gold by the Focus Open 2018 jury.

A product that is multifunctional and is used for a long time is sustainable. An endless number of possible applications with and without accessories. Across ages.

At around 1.4 kg, the Xbrick is extremely light for its volume. This makes it such a versatile, durable companion and also saves energy during transport.

At the same time, an Xbrick can carry up to 200kg. Weatherproof, insulating and quick to get out and about, Xbrick is very suitable for outdoor use. The material absorbs almost no moisture and is also easy to disinfect.

Xbrick is intuitive and almost silent to use. It feels good to the touch, with no hard edges or corners. The inhibition threshold to use Xbrick is very low and not limited to one application or type of user – everyone can use Xbrick, from kindergarten or school children to office or workshop workers, gardening enthusiasts or senior citizens: Everyone can find an application.

Xbrick is stackable in many ways and can be combined in many ways, and can be expanded even further into a modular system with the Xbrick accessories.

Xbrick is GS-tested, free of harmful substances according to toy standard EN 71-3 and is also approved for use with food. Xbrick has been awarded the quality seal “particularly moving”.

Production takes place in southern Germany. It is important to us to work with local suppliers and to maintain short transport routes. Final assembly and shipping are carried out by the workshops of Diakonie Stetten e.V.

Before a return to the material cycle is considered, Xbrick can also be used as a helper in production, by the caretaker or in the workshop after a long period of use. As a partner of the C2C Lab, we are committed to transparent supply chains and a consistent circular economy. And when Xbrick are really no longer needed, we take them back, find a second use for them or return them to the production cycle.

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