Xbrick® product details

Seat cubes with convincing characteristics

Xbrick® material

Xbrick is made of 100% recyclable pure expanded polypropylene (EPP). We have deliberately chosen this recyclable material because it makes Xbrick so special and offers many functional and ecological advantages.

Xbrick® surface and structure

A new patented laser process enables
alternately structured and smooth surfaces and
provides a unique haptic.

Xbrick® weight

With about 1.4 kg it is extremely light for its volume and therefore easy and almost noiseless to handle, the inhibition threshold to use Xbrick is therefore very low.

Xbrick® handling

Six grip holes allow easy handling as well as connection and plugging possibilities for the
Xbrick accessories.

Xbrick® construction

Xbrick owes its enormous pressure stability at low weight to its lightweight construction principle and its almost hollow inner rib structure.

Xbrick® colours

The colour range is expanding, currently black, grey and orange are in stock. Other colours are also available on request for quantities of approximately 200 pieces and more.

Xbrick® branding

Individual printing or embossed logos are possible.

Xbrick® security

Odourless and free of plasticizers, Xbrick can be safely used in combination with food or as a toy.

Xbrick® cleaning

Easy to clean and disinfect
and water resistant.

Xbrick® quality

Production takes place in southern Germany. It is important to us to work with local suppliers, to establish long-term cooperation and to be in direct contact with them. Final assembly and dispatch are carried out by employees of the Remstal Werkstätten der Diakonie Stetten e. V.

Xbrick® downcycling

Before a return to the recycling cycle in
is considered, Xbrick can also be used as a helper in the garden or workshop after a long period of use.

Xbrick® responsibility

As a partner of C2C Lab, we are committed to transparent supply chains and a consistent recycling management. At the end of a long product life cycle, we take back used Xbrick and ensure that it is reused or returned to the material cycle (100% recyclable).

Xbrick® accessories

Design stool can be combined x-fold


As an accessory for the Xbrick to connect several Xbricks with each other, simply by plugging them together. The result is grandstand structures, different table heights and mobile standing variants.


X-connector simply connects two Xbricks with each other using the plug-in principle.


The wooden element X-tseat not only turns the Xbrick into a seat-table combination, into a mobile desk: the writing tablet is stabilised by the weight of the seated person and can also be used on its own.


Six Xbrick and the table top X-table - this quickly builds a stable table.


X-bench turns two Xbricks into a bench in no time at all.


Two Xbrick and the backrest X-lean become an armchair: simply plug in and lean back!


X-tray - versatile tray for placing on the Xbrick.


Paper clips, pens, bits and pieces - with the utensil box X-toolbox nothing is lost.


X-belt, the five metre long belt with buckle, connects several Xbricks together and, with the X-table, ensures that the Xbricks sit firmly under the table top.

Download Xbrick CAD data.

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