About us

Who are the people behind our products?

Teamfoto Michael

Michael Daubner

Tel. +49 711 284 977 21

Teamfoto Fred

Frederik Zwerenz
Distribution + Finances

Tel. +49 711 284 977 20

Teamfoto Dorothee

Dorothee Bitter
Design + Projects

Tel. +49 711 887 851 26

Teamfoto Helen

Helen Scholz
Coordination + Marketing

Tel. +49 711 284 977 22

Teamfoto Christian

Christian Göbel 
Design + Development

Tel. +49 711 284 977 23

Teamfoto Rebekka

Rebekka Reeber
Product communication

Tel. +49 711 284 977 22

Behind Xbrick is the development and design team of wd3_spatial design. Since our founding in 2016, we have been developing furniture, spatial structures and temporary architecture, always in close consultation with our clients, who share our passion for durable, sustainable and functional furniture.

We all come from a product design background. In Michael Daubner we have a managing director with over thirty years of experience in the development of modular spatial structures and in lightweight construction, many of them at the helm of an internationally active medium-sized company. As a team, we cover the entire product development process and offer our clients complete project management from conception and construction to design and product communication.

We developed the multi-functional stool Xbrick in search of a minimal piece of furniture that is easy to place, position and lay down. We sell Xbrick ourselves at home and abroad and can control the entire product cycle and marketing according to our ideas: Xbrick is produced in southern Germany, and assembly and shipping are carried out by employees of the Remstal Werkstätten der Diakonie Stetten e. V., a recognised workshop for disabled people. This means that we not only know every step of production, but also the people behind it and their working conditions. It is important for us to work with local suppliers, to have a direct exchange with them and to build up long-term cooperation. In our partnership with C2C Labs, we are committed to transparent supply chains and a consistent circular economy.