Xbrick® – The lightweight multifunctional furniture.
Try it out now and buy two pieces of multifunctional furniture plus connectors in the Starter Set at a particularly low introductory price.

Try it out now and buy two pieces of multifunctional furniture plus connectors in the starter set at a particularly low introductory price.

Starter set includes:
– 2x Xbrick black
– 1x X-Connector (connector made of beech wood)


Includes 19% Mehrwertsteuer
Delivery Time: ca. 10 Werktage


Multifunctional furniture Xbrick® – surprisingly simple, mobile and can be used anywhere with a handle hole for carrying..
As a seating cube or standing aid, quickly converted into a platform or used as a table, as a stepper or fitness stool or children’s furniture.

Intuitive, pleasant to touch, almost noiseless and for indoor and outdoor use.
With the solid wood connector X-Connector included in the starter set, two or more Xbrick can be easily connected using the plug-in principle. This opens up even more possibilities for use. A durable, robust companion for home, office, fitness, garden, kindergarten, workshop and much more. Made in Germany.

Size:50 x 33.3 x 25 cm
Weight: only 1.4 kg light
Material: pollutant-free, pure EPP, 100% recyclable
Supporting capacity: 200kg

✓GS-tested ✓outdoor-suitable ✓easy to clean ✓slip-resistant ✓recyclable ✓pollutant-free

Here directly from the manufacturer + developer wd3 GmbH

Additional information

Weight 5,0 kg
The Starter-Set includes

– 2 x Xbrick® – schwarz
– 1 x X-Connector


– Design simple seating and work surfaces with ease
– 6 handles for easy handling
– easy transport through combination with the X-Connector


Innovative laser process enables alternating textured and smooth surfaces and ensures unique haptics


As a partner of the C2C Lab, we are committed to transparent supply chains and a consistent circular economy. At the end of a long product life, we take back used Xbrick and take care of reuse or return to the material cycle (100% recyclable).


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