Xbrick® – Set for workplace health promotion


The Xbrick® – seating tribune set provides you with the practical Xbrick® multifunctional furniture in all colours & numerous X-conn connectors. In this way, you can create flexible seating stands for the entrance areas of trade fairs and museums or numerous seating options for seminar and conference rooms. Create a communication-friendly atmosphere at any location – with the multifunctional furniture from Xbrick® !

The set includes:

  • 23x Xbrick black
  • 1x Xbrick neon-green
  • 1x Xbrick orange
  • 1x Xbrick magenta
  • 1x Xbrick yellow
  • 1x Xbrick blue
  • 1x Xbrick ocean
  • 1x Xbrick light grey
  • 38x X-conn (connectors made of beech wood)

Areas of application:

  • Variable seating for seminar & conference rooms
  • Seating stands for museums, exhibitions & vernissages
  • Seating landscapes in lecture rooms, children’s & school rooms

All information about our products can be found in the download area: Produktinformation – Download Area

✓GS-tested ✓suitable for outdoor use ✓easy to clean ✓slip-resistant ✓recyclable ✓free of harmful substances

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Xbrick®- use the modular furniture for a communication-friendly, moving atmosphere in your office & secure now enough multifunctional furniture for your team plus ergonomics training!

12 versatile + intuitive, easy and almost silent to move seats plus 90 minutes training with specialists for occupational health management.

Use the seating modules over and over again – whether in the creative space or in the team kitchen, indoors or outdoors.

The three edge lengths of the seating cuboid offer everyone the individually suitable seat height: so kindergarten children (250mm), school children (333mm) as well as adults (500mm) sit comfortably and ergonomically.

The uncomplicated furniture is an overall concept with which you bring more movement, more uncomplicated sitting together, more playful meeting points into your office. Perfect if you live New Work in your company.

Of course, the safety is certified by GS mark. Xbrick® are free of harmful substances, sorted and 100% recyclable and made in Germany.

Areas of application:

Dynamic sitting for office & home office.
Tool for active breaks and fitness in the office
Convertible furniture for playful and interactive workshop settings
Lightweight furniture for outdoor meetings
You can find all information about our products in the download area: Product information – Download area

✓GS-tested ✓outdoor-suitable ✓easy to clean ✓slip-resistant ✓recyclable ✓pollutant-free

Made in Germany.

Here directly from the manufacturer + developer wd3 GmbH.


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