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Xbrick – multifunctional furniture for the healthy workplace

Xbrick - multifunctional furniture for the healthy workplace

  • We are pleased about this contribution of our partner meisterleistung GmbH | 360° Gesundheitsmanagement: Full Service Agency for Occupational Health Management!
“Sitting is the new smoking” this statement is heard again and again. While the trend of smoking is decreasing, the amount of time we spend sitting is increasing; and this can have health consequences. Our metabolism shuts down while sitting, so not only are fewer calories burned, but the risk of diabetes and “calcification” of the coronary arteries increase. At the same time, many people complain of back and neck pain. Our body breaks down what it no longer needs. If we sit and thus use only a few muscles, muscles are broken down or can “shorten”, especially if we do not counteract this in our free time. And yet the average German sits about 8.5 hours a day. While driving, in the home office, while eating, in the evening on the couch and above all at work in the office; everywhere we sit. But how can we counteract sitting and the associated risks? By at least trying to avoid sitting for long periods of time. Many people have the longest sitting time at a stretch at work. So how can the (predominantly sedentary) workday be made healthier? To answer this question, we need to look at three different areas, the technical, the organizational and the personal level.
Xbrick Gesundes Arbeiten Allrounder Talent

Technical level

At the workplace, there are various options that can prevent problems from sitting. For example, there are height-adjustable tables, which can then also be used for standing work. In addition, there are often many different settings on the chair, so that in addition to the height, the armrests, and the backrest can be adjusted. Make sure that your chair is adjusted to suit you. Particularly high-quality chairs also have a so-called “dynamic seat function”, in which the chair yields somewhat and thus the muscles have to “work harder”.
Xbrick multifunctional furniture

Organizational level

Many activities simply have to be done at the computer, but try to make all appointments in your workday that do not have to be held at a computer in a different posture. For example, meetings could be held outside, standing up, or maybe even taking a walk.

Personal level

As a consulting company in the field of BGF and BGM, we repeatedly come across four behaviors in everyday life that you can personally change to counteract the consequences of sitting a lot:

1. Dynamic sitting

Movement is also possible while sitting, albeit on a smaller scale. Try to take advantage of this and change your posture while sitting as often as possible.

You should actively sit differently at least once or twice an hour. Or use the “dynamic sitting” function mentioned above if your chair allows you to do so.

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2. Stand up in between

Getting a glass of water, printing something out, making a phone call or simply stretching for a moment: these are all good reasons to stand up briefly. Take advantage of such opportunities and try to add standing to your sedentary routine as often as possible. If you even have a table that can be raised, use it regularly! It’s best to make a little reminder in your computer so that you don’t forget to stand up in between.

3. Several short breaks

After just a few minutes of sitting, our metabolism shuts down, but to get it going again and again, it’s better to take several short breaks from standing and moving around rather than just one long one. Try to shake out your legs, stretch or do short movement exercises during this time.

4. Use muscles

In order to boost our metabolism while sitting and at the same time prevent tension, it is important to use our muscles while sitting. To do this, you can actively target and tense various muscle groups while sitting. For example, tighten the abdomen, the back or the buttocks, hold for a few seconds and relax again. Repeat the whole process a few times.

Xbrick - multifunctional furniture for the healthy workplace

The Xbrick connects all three levels

With Xbrick there is a possibility to have multifunctional furniture at the workplace, which can easily implement all the above points and improve health at work. It makes it technically possible to sit dynamically at work and even encourages it. The light weight makes it easy to change the position of the Xbrick. Even standing up in between is no problem with Xbrick, even if the table cannot be raised! Simply stack the desired number of Xbricks on top of each other and use them as a table. If you want to convert standing, another Xbrick can function as a stool. There are numerous exciting positions you can try out here. Due to its light weight, the Xbrick can be taken anywhere, so working outside in the summer is no problem. Not only as a piece of furniture, but also for exercise breaks, the Xbrick is the ideal tool, there are numerous different simple exercises you can do with it. For example, to stretch your legs, you can simply lay the Xbrick flat on the ground, center one foot and step onto the edge of the cube with the other foot. The verse of your one foot will now protrude above the cube. Press it down slightly so that your calf is stretched. Then simply stand the Xbrick on end, rest your leg and stretch the back of your leg. This can also be used to do short strengthening exercises right in the office; whether for exercise buffs or sports fans. There are numerous exercises you can do with it, there are no limits to creativity.
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The conclusion from us

The Xbrick is a helpful “office tool” that can positively influence one’s own health behavior in a very low-threshold way. Therefore we say: The Xbrick is also suitable as a BGF tool! As you can see, the Xbrick is a true all-rounder. We at meisterleistung will show you in a 90-minute workshop how you can use it to promote the health of your employees. Here you can look forward to interesting variations of stretching and strengthening exercises with the Xbrick paired with expert knowledge on the subject of musculature and positive effects through a plus in movement! Contact details meisterleistung GmbH | 360° Gesundheitsmanagement Königstraße 80 70173 Stuttgart 0711-2843010

OFFER: 90 minutes workshop

in which the specialists for occupational health management show you how to use Xbrick to promote the health of your employees. Xbrick customers can book this workshop at a special price of 490€ instead of the regular 790€. Contact us for an attractive package offer for the purchase of Xbrick multifunctional furniture including the workshop “Occupational Health Management with Xbrick”.

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