flomo magnet

Multifunctional furniture Xbrick® – Accessories – flomo magnet

TOP quality: Made in Germany

Use the flomo magnets to easily attach the whiteboard flomo board to magnetic surfaces, such as steel walls or steel shelves. Thanks to the Velcro functional back of the flomo board, it holds stably to the Velcro tops of the flomo magnet. One set contains 3 pieces of flomo magnets in storage bag, enough to fix one flomo board stably.


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flomo board Whiteboard – Accessories – flomo magnet

With flomo magnets you can attach your flomo board to any magnetic surface, whether steel door or shelf, railing or metal fence.

So you get additional surface for your whiteboards in no time. And that indoors or outdoors. So you can work flexibly everywhere and hang up your whiteboard exactly where you need it and then take it away again. Perfect for workshops and working methods such as design thinking and agile working.

✓ Suitable for outdoor use
✓ easy to clean
✓ made in Germany

Here directly from the manufacturer + developer wd3 GmbH.

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