Xbrick®-Set: Chair & Sitting Circle


Our Xbrick® multifunctional furniture in the “Chair & Seat Furniture” set provides a multitude of possibilities. With our seating furniture, you can create stages, platforms, seating stairs, presentation pedestals or simply chair circles.

The Xbrick®-Set “Chair and sitting circle” includes:

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✓suitable for outdoor use
✓easy to clean ✓nonslip


The Xbrick®–Set Chair and seating circle. Create numerous seating options with the modern multifunctional and seating furniture from Xbrick®

We offer you all our colours, connectors and connecting belt in the multifunctional furniture set. 9 versatile, lightweight and almost smoke-free seats in 8 colours:

Ideally suited for Seating circles in a Classroom, group room or Gym – whether in school, kindergarten or music club, indoors or outdoors..

And everyone finds the individually suitable seat height: thanks to the different edge lengths of the seat cuboid, kindergarten children (250mm), schoolchildren (333mm) as well as adults (500mm) sit comfortably and ergonomically.
Of course, safety is certified by the GS mark.

Is sitting in a circle not your thing at the moment? Then let your imagination run wild:
The 9 Xbrick multifunctional furniture units can be used to build a wide variety of other modules with the X-Connector:
A Stage or a Platform, a small stand or stairs, Presentation steles or a bench. And for tidying up, the modules can be stacked stably in a corner.


Made in Germany.

✓ GS-tested
✓ suitable for outdoor use
✓ easy to clean
✓ non-slip
✓ recyclable
✓ free of harmful substances

Here directly from the manufacturer + developer wd3 GmbH

Sitzmöglichkeit Musikschule Sitzkreis
Modern seating furniture for seating circles: Ideally suited for your music school
Xbrick Multifunktionsmöbel für Stuhlkreise Sitzkreise
Discover new group games and use the Xbrick just as you like. Here is a well-known group game: The floor is lava
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 50 × 33,3 × 25 cm

six recessed grips allow easy handling as well as connection and plug-in options for the Xbrick accessories.

surface / structure

Innovative laser process enables alternately structured and smooth surfaces and provides unique haptics


As a partner of C2C Lab, we are committed to transparent supply chains and a consistent recycling management. At the end of a long product life cycle, we take back used Xbrick and ensure that it is reused or returned to the material cycle (100% recyclable).


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