Magic Mushrooms – Mycelium

Xbrick-bywd3-material-iteration-mycelium gras

Magic Mushrooms – Mycelium Admittedly, most people don’t think of sustainable furniture when they hear “magic mushrooms.” One could almost think that the headline only starts with it in order to catch attention with a buzzword. Because buzzwords aren’t called that for nothing, and none is currently used as frequently as sustainability – and that’s […]

Learning space design

Learning space design Create space

Learning space design: imparting knowledge intuitively with Xbrick®. Our society is striving to become ever more mobile, flexible and inclusive. The school system is also constantly evolving. The learning environment is an important factor when it comes to motivation and learning success. Different didactic and methodological concepts, various learning situations, varying group sizes and, last […]

The WÄLDERHAUS and Xbrick®.

The WÄLDERHAUS and Xbrick®. Sustainable architecture for modern, fascinating events In the middle of Hamburg’s Elbe Island, the second largest river island in the world after Manhattan, lies the WÄLDERHAUS in the Wilhelmsburg district. Built in 2012 for the International Garden Show and Building Exhibition, the WÄLDERHAUS is a project of the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald […]