The WÄLDERHAUS and Xbrick®.

The WÄLDERHAUS and Xbrick®.

Sustainable architecture for modern, fascinating events

In the middle of Hamburg’s Elbe Island, the second largest river island in the world after Manhattan, lies the WÄLDERHAUS in the Wilhelmsburg district. Built in 2012 for the International Garden Show and Building Exhibition, the WÄLDERHAUS is a project of the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald (SDW) and the Landesverband Hamburg e.V. (Hamburg Regional Association).

Much more than just a competence center!

The WÄLDERHAUS is not only a competence center on the subject of forests, it also presents itself as a tourist attraction in Hamburg and shapes the district of Wilhelmsburg. It illustrates in a fascinating way the topic and the connections between forest, environment and sustainability. To this end, the WÄLDERHAUS combines five central facilities under its roof:
the Waelderhaus Hamburg
  • the SCIENCE CENTER WALD, a permanent experience exhibition about the forest with a regional, Hamburg-Northern German focus and an attached museum store.
  • The INTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABILITY ACADEMY (ISA) is a program that brings together young professionals from around the world in Hamburg to find solutions to the world’s greatest challenges. The goal is to strengthen international cooperation in the implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and to find new solutions for climate protection.
  • the EVENT ROOMS with a multifunctional room for meetings and events of all kinds with up to 200 participants and three smaller seminar rooms for up to 20 guests each.
  • the restaurant WILHELMS IM WÄLDERHAUS with regional-seasonal cuisine, whose team is passionately committed to a sustainable gastronomy concept
  • the RAPHAEL HOTEL WÄLDERHAUS with 82 rooms in 3-star-plus standard.
The three upper floors of the WÄLDERHAUS, which house the hotel, were built entirely in solid wood. Certified spruce wood from Germany, Austria and Finland guarantees a distinctive indoor climate and at the same time naturally meets all safety requirements for buildings of this size. And since 2012, as the highest wooden house built in this way at that time. The facade is made entirely of certified larch wood from the Siegerland and Sauerland regions, giving the WÄLDERHAUS its unmistakable character. The high degree of sustainability of the WÄLDERHAUS is achieved through the building construction, the technical building equipment and the conscious, environmentally friendly management. This includes a high degree of utilization of natural energy sources, the optimization of energy flows, a CO2-neutral energy supply and the use of the renewable raw material wood.
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Sustainable seminars and events in the Wälderhaus

The location of the WÄLDERHAUS in the middle of the Inselpark, the 85 hectare oasis of Hamburg’s south, contributes significantly to the well-being of our guests and makes a stay or a conference in the WÄLDERHAUS a small or large time-out in the green. Despite its location in the middle of the large park, the WÄLDERHAUS can be reached in about 10 minutes from Hamburg’s main train station by S-Bahn. In this sense it is possible in the WÄLDERHAUS to meet or celebrate almost CO²-neutral and at the same time urban, close to the city and equipped with the latest technology. Many of our customers love the diverse possibilities offered by the WÄLDERHAUS. Rooms that can be combined with each other for quick changes between different settings and large green areas directly in front of the door for working outside offer ideal possibilities for Xbrick and the mobile whiteboards of the flomo family.

Adapt events flexibly - indoors and outdoors

Our guests rave about being able to adapt events “just like that” to the actual situation, to be spatially unbound and to be able to decide situationally which setting makes sense at the moment. Listening to a lecture in a classic plenary session in parliamentary seating and a moment later a World Cafe to quickly search for many ideas and solutions, in the WÄLDERHAUS and with the mobile Xbrick all this and much more is possible.
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Quick retreats during seminars - possible with flexible furnishings

Meanwhile, we often experience that many participants also need a place of retreat during a conference. Be it to participate in a video conference or to work more intensively on an issue alone or in a group. Here, the Xbrick and its accessories (X-table, X-bench, X-tseat) offer ideal possibilities to react quickly and flexibly to such requirements. We would not want to miss the flexibility we can offer our customers with the Xbrick and its accessories and could not imagine a better partner to offer our participants modern events on the cutting edge. © Thomas Mevenkamp, einfal changes gGmbH | Wälderhaus Hamburg Photos: wälderhaus / ARLT / Harry Horstmann

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