X-tseat f from Xbrick

Xbrick®  multifunctional furniture – accessories – the X-tseat f

With the X-tseat f, you can create a mobile table and seat anywhere in no time at all. In combination with the Xbrick® you can quickly and easily create a small work surface or a study area for your stapler, laptop, tablet or simply for reading.

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Product information X-tseat f  

Perfectly suited as a mobile seat in universities and schools to store your writing pad, laptop, stapler, book and exercise book!

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Xbrick® multifunctional furniture – accessories – the X-tseat f
The X-tseat f provides you with a flexible and mobile learning and working environment, both indoors and outdoors. Light and compact in transport, the X-tseat f in combination with the Xbrick is the perfect tool for your everyday life.

The X-tseat f offers you 2 storage areas of different sizes and thus adapts ideally to your needs. Whether at university for taking notes or for your laptop for working in the park – with the x-tseat f you are always ready to react to new circumstances.

You can also use the X-tseat f as a backrest and armrest. If you don’t need the X-tseat f at the moment, you can put it over the Xbrick and use it as a small side table.

✓ GS-tested
✓ suitable for outdoor use
✓ easy to clean
✓ free of harmful substances

Here directly from the manufacturer + developer wd3 GmbH

Additional information

Weight 1,4 kg

260 x 350 x 290 mm


Laminated beech




Can be wiped clean with soap and water


Space-saving on the Xbrick


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