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Mobile multifunctional furniture for
modern Working methods

Xbrick® - Discover the modular office furniture for the changing needs in the office now!


Creative teamwork

Flexible and mobile for active collaboration


presentation and event

Single seat or grandstand: Quickly assembled for countless uses



sturdy + lightweight furniture for indoors and outdoors

✅ Loadable up to 200 kg
✅ easy to clean & hygienic
✅ easy to transport
✅ Usable for In- & Outdoor
✅ non-slip and without hard edges
✅ sustainable & recyclable
✅ Made in Germany

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Gold Award auf der Focus Open 2018
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Der Xbrick ist Made in Germany

Xbrick®-Set: group work with seating elements & table.

Modular furniture set for group work – especially suitable for cooperative learning and small working groups. With the Xbrick® multifunctional furniture you can quickly, easily and flexibly create a creative and sustainable workspace!
Included in the Xbrick® set seating for modern group work: You can find all information about the product here: Productinformationen Xbrick

Xbrick®-Set: New Work NEW!

With this New Work Set, creative teams are equipped for workshops, design thinking or scrum sessions, whether indoors or outdoors. Using the flomo-X-belt, the super-light and robust whiteboard Flomo Board can be attached to the Xbrick® and thus easily set up anywhere. Or it can be turned into a writable meeting table: Supported by the lightweight multifunctional furniture Xbrick®, which can be used as a seat in the next moment. More seating space is offered by the X-bench made of spruce, which is quickly placed on two Xbrick® and comfortably seats 3 people. In the tall version, the bench becomes a compact standing table or a counter for events. Fast, tool-free and flexible assembly, reconfiguration and disassembly. Suitable for countless purposes.
  • 12x Xbrick schwarz
  • 3x flomo board (mobiles Whiteboard with velcro back)
  • 1x X-bench, 1,80m (Bench top made of spruce wood)
  • 10x X-connector (Beech wood connector)
  • 3x flomo-X-belt (Strap to attach the flomo board to the Xbrick or columns)
  • 1x X-belt (Strap to strap together several Xbrick and easy to carry)

Xbrick® - With the multifunctional furniture, you can design the working environment in your office flexibly and always anew, intuitively and quietly. And if you want, even outside.

Meeting Furniture

Lightweight and yet extremely resilient, the multifunctional furniture for your meeting. Ideal for a short meeting together, but to remain in an active and ergonomic posture. With the Xbrick you get an extremely variable and versatile furniture module for your office, which you can use for any meeting. Whether indoors or outdoors, work/learn/play with Xbrick wherever and however you want!


Add a host of features to office furniture with accessories from Xbrick

Build standing tables, bleachers, seating circles, benches, mobile whiteboards and much more! Ideal for informal as well as formal meetings and agile working methods like design thinking, co-creation and sprints.Xbrick encourages playful communication and invites experimentation. Get started with your creativespace & Xbrick today!


Meeting furniture

Lightweight yet extremely strong: the multifunctional furniture for your meeting. Ideal to sit together for a short meeting, but to stay in an active and ergonomic posture.With the Xbrick you get an extremely variable and versatile furniture module for your office, which you can use for any meeting.Whether indoors or outdoorsWork/learn/play with Xbrickwhere and how you want!

Add plenty of features to office furniture with accessories fromXbrick®!

Build bar tables, bleachers, seating circles, benches, mobile whiteboards and more! Ideal for informal as well as formal meetings and agile working methods like design thinking, co-creation and sprints. Xbrick encourages playful communication and invites experimentation. Get started with your creative space & Xbrick today!

Why is our multifunctional furniture Xbrick®
perfect for offices, creative spaces and active collaboration?

You get a modular lightweight furniture that promotes communication and is sustainable & hygienic - Ideal for modern ways of working and workshops of all kinds, because the seat cuboid is light and on any surface almost noiseless to handle, so that it can be used intuitively byvarious people. Stacked to save space or loosely distributed in the room, it is always within reach.

Sophisticated and timelessly modern – with the Xbrick we have created a multifunctional piece of furniture that is useful in many areas of application and looks good at the same time! For this, the Xbrick and its accessories X-companions were repeatedly awarded the focus open design prize.
Whether as a standing table, as an arena for design thinking, as seating furniture at meetings or as an ergonomic standing seat at a height-adjustable desk. The multifunctional furniture offers endless possibilities and adapts effortlessly to the changing needs of new work environments and hybrid workplaces.
Weighing only 1.4 kg, the Xbrick is extremely light for its optimal size. So you can easily transport it and use it wherever you need a seat.
Weatherproof and incredibly resilient – the Xbrick supports up to 200 kg and can be used anywhere without hesitation – indoors and outdoors. Because it is easy to wipe and clean! At the same time, material forgives a lot, causes neither scratches nor annoying noises and is pleasant to the touch.
With our accessories you can combine several Xbrick and create tables, benches, mobile whiteboards or your own creative applications – Discover your own system and use the Xbrick according to your ideas.
Xbrick is GS-tested, free of harmful substances according to toy standard EN 71-3 and is also approved in connection with food. Xbrick invites movement and an active posture. For this it was awarded the quality seal “particularly moving
We produce the Xbrick in southern Germany and thus ensure short transport routes. Assembly takes place in the workshops of Diakonie Stetten e.V. Because it is important to us to produce ecologically, socially and sustainably.
We are committed to a consistent circular economy and create transparent supply chains – as a partner of the C2C Lab, these goals are particularly close to our hearts! When the Xbricks are really no longer needed, we take them back and take care of reuse or feeding them into the recycling loop.

The Xbrick®: Your uncomplicated furniture for active collaboration In- & Outdoor!We show you all the features of the MultiTool at a glance:

Office furniture Xbrick®

Suitable for team workstations, creative spaces, workshops, design thinking, co-creation, hybrid working and much more – indoors and outdoors! Incredibly flexible, lightweight and inspiring – see for yourself!

Creativespaces / hybrid workplaces / flexible furnishing withXbrick®

Why isXbrick® ergonomic?

With Xbrick you are on the move: sitting at different heights and changing positions and quickly pulled up to briefly sit together for a meeting. At the same time, you remain in an active and thus ergonomic posture. Xbrick invites you to sit dynamically – “tilting” is expressly permitted! You work at a standing desk or at a height-adjustable desk? Then stack two Xbricks to create a sit-stand aid or use the Xbrick as a relieving footrest. If you don’t have a height-adjustable desk, stack two Xbricks on top of each other and you have a small standing table right away. In addition, Xbrick is so light that you can easily take it with you, e.g. to hold your meeting outside. And during your break you use your Xbrick for some strengthening and stretching exercises. Read more about why the Xbrick system is an ideal tool for your healthy workplace and workplace health management (WHM) here.

OFFER: 90 minutes workshop

in which specialists for occupational health management show you how to use Xbrick to promote the health of your employees. Xbrick customers can book this workshop at a special price of 490€ instead of the regular price of 790€. Contact us for an attractive package offer for the purchase of Xbrick multifunctional furniture including the workshop “Occupational Health Management with Xbrick”.