Multifunctional furniture Xbrick® - stool, shelf, step, for home office, garden, balcony - for home

Xbrick® is stackable, light and mobile, easy to use as a stool or as a modular element for indoor and outdoor use.

Design stool Xbrick is as flexible as its requirements.
As a seat or standing aid, quickly converted into a pedestal or used as a table, Xbrick reconfigures rooms again and again in new and different ways. Intuitive, almost noiseless and in no time at all, for indoor and outdoor use.

Multifunctional stool. In a timeless and simple design language, Xbrick fits in with every furnishing style: clever, innovative, high quality and affordable at the same time.

fitness hocker für dein Workout daheim oder draußen

training at home

supplement for the Home Gym

Möbel Agiles Arbeiten

high table

indoor and outdoor

praktischer Hocker für dein Büro oder Zuhause

shelf ladder

flexible stairs for shelves

Das Multitool für Daheim - ergonomische Sitzmöbel von Xbrick

home office

After work, the Xbrick can be easily stored under the desk.

Our facilities have to cope with removals and often everything has to fit into a small living space. Mobile furniture is the solution: furnishings that are easy to transport, have various functions and can be assembled and disassembled quickly.

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Xbrick® material

Xbrick is made of 100% recyclable single-grade expanded polypropylene (EPP).

We have deliberately chosen this recyclable material because it makes the Xbrick so special and offers many functional and ecological advantages. Easy to clean and disinfect and water resistant.

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multifunctional home

The variable multifunctional furniture Xbrick® is the ideal companion for the mobile society.

This is what our users say about the multi-functional furniture Xbrick®

Xbrick® weight

With about 1.4 kg it is extremely light for its volume and therefore easy and almost noiseless to handle, the inhibition threshold to use Xbrick is therefore very low.

Inexpensive seat cube Xbrick - variable living

Conversion in minutes, individually changeable room use, for new areas of application every day.


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