Workspace Set S


Want to set up a creative workspace for smaller teams? Our set offers you the modular furniture you need for an agile meeting or a design thinking session with about six people. With it, you can intuitively realize a wide variety of work settings: attach the super-light and robust whiteboard flomo board to an Xbrick® and set it up anywhere in an uncomplicated way. Or you can use it as a writable meeting table. The lightweight Xbrick® are mobile seating or quickly built into a high table or stage. Indoors as well as outdoors. Quick, tool-free and flexible to set up, move and take down. The optimal solution for creative teams.

Of course, the safety is certified by GS mark and the Xbrick® + accessories are made in Germany.

Included in the set:

  • 16 Xbrick® black
  • 10 X-conn
  • 1 X-belt
  • 1 X-lean
  • 1 X-tseat f
  • 1 flomo board
  • 1 flomo X-belt


Includes 19% Mehrwertsteuer
Delivery Time: ca. 10 Werktage


*If your set should be put together differently or you want other colors, please contact us. We pack you an individual set* Fields of application Variable seating options for your office: decide for yourself how you want to sit or stand. One Xbrick® already offers you three different sitting heights and two stacked even more active sitting positions. Seating stands for Design Thinking, Sprints, Presentations & Co. Build your grandstand together and start your project work with playful interaction. Outdoor Office for meetings under the open sky Move your workshop spontaneously outside and get some fresh air and fresh thoughts. Xbrick®, flomo board are easy to carry and suitable for outdoor use. Here you get the original directly from the manufacturer + developer wd3 GmbH

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Additional information

Weight 1,4 kg
Dimensions 50 × 33 × 25 cm


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