Outdoor school set


Ideal for outdoor teaching – Xbrick® multifunctional furniture for schools, universities and educational institutions.
The robust and lightweight Xbrick furniture elements can be easily carried from indoors to outdoors where they can be used intuitively as stools, tables or pedestals.

The super-light, stable whiteboard can also be used as a blackboard or table surface: attached to an Xbrick® or tree or fence with the flomo X-belt and the outdoor classroom is ready.
Use the flexible and sustainable Xbrick® indoors or outdoors and create a variety of possibilities!
The set allows a small group of around seven to ten pupils to work indoors or outdoors.

Of course, the safety is certified by the GS mark and the Xbrick is made in Germany.

Set contains:

12 Xbrick black
1 flomo board
1 flomo X-belt
14 X-conn (connectors made of beech wood)

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✓GS-tested ✓suitable for outdoor use ✓easy to clean ✓non-slip ✓recyclable ✓pollutant-free ✓made in Germany


Includes 19% Mehrwertsteuer
Delivery Time: ca. 10 Werktage


If you want your set to be put together differently or you want different colors, please get in touch with us. We will pack you a customized set*

Areas of application

  • Green classroom
  • Outdoor project work
  • Flexible furniture for indoor and outdoor workshops
  • Outdoor meetings and events

The uncomplicated Xbrick furniture is an overall concept with which you can design your lessons or seminars flexibly, promoting communication and creativity. Make it possible for your students to simply learn outside.
With the Xbrick seating elements, your outdoor classroom can be set up and dismantled very quickly.
The three edge lengths of the seating cuboid offer everyone the right seating height:
Kindergarten children (250mm), school children (333mm) as well as adults (500mm) can sit comfortably and ergonomically.
The mobile whiteboard flomo board can be taken anywhere and easily assembled.
The super-light and robust whiteboard can be attached to the Xbrick® using the flomo-X-belt, making it easy to set up anywhere.
Or you can turn it into a writable and mobile group table:
Supported by the lightweight multifunctional Xbrick® furniture, which can be used as seating again in the next moment.
Read a project report on outdoor teaching with Xbrick here

Here you can get the original directly from the manufacturer + developer wd3 GmbH

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Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 50 × 33 × 25 cm


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