Flexible table top – Xbrick® x-table

With this Xbrick® accessory you can build a large and sturdy table quickly and anywhere, very flexibly in different heights: as a standing table, dining table, work table or children’s table. Indoors and outdoors, this table attachment made of solid spruce with a surrounding butt edge and several pieces of X-brick multifunctional furniture (please order separately) can be used to build a large and lightweight table without the need for tools. Indoors as well as outdoors.

Fields of application:

Flexible table indoors & outdoors.
Ideal as workshop & museum furniture
Equipment for flexible meeting rooms
Here you can find all information about the X-table: product information X-tablew

✓Made in Germany ✓Suitable for outdoor use ✓Easy to clean ✓ Can be assembled without tools


Includes 19% Mehrwertsteuer
Delivery Time: ca. 10 Werktage


Multi-modular furniture

Multi-modular furniture from Xbrick®- with the X-table you add a spacious yet light and flexible table made of high quality wood to your Xbrick.

Simply clip on two x two or more Xbrick® and you have a large, lightweight and super sturdy table, anywhere. Whether as a high table at a workshop, as a quick dining table, as a project table or as a low children’s table. By combining it with different numbers of Xbrick® – quickly connected by X-conn and X-belt – you can adjust the table height flexibly and again and again: 52 cm / 68cm / 77cm / 102cm – ideal for workshops or seminars with different requirements.

The X-table plus Xbrick® are so light + mobile that you can quickly carry everything somewhere else – for example outside. Because the X-table is so robust that it can also be used for sitting together outside and the Xbrick® are weatherproof anyway. When quickly transported to a new location, the sturdy wooden top is also protected by a surrounding rubber bumper edge.

Ideal for spontaneous meetings and breaks in the fresh air and as a quick dining table for the lunch break!

If you don’t need a table at the moment, the X-table can be stored in the corner to save space.

Only the X-table table top made of spruce is included here – the Xbrick®, X-conn and X-belt shown are not included.

Made in Germany.

✓ Made in Germany
✓ can be assembled without tools

Here directly from the manufacturer + developer wd3 GmbH

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 180 × 37 × 7 cm

Spruce – matt lacquered surface


for attaching to two Xbrick® multifunctional furniture units


Damp washable with soap and water


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