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Opening days at the Humboldt Forum

Berlin Humboldt Forum xBrick

Thu, September 23 – Sun, September 26, 2021
Opening days at the Humboldt Forum – diverse views of the collections

After more than four years, the first parts of the collections of the Ethnological Museum and the Museum of Asian Art of the National Museums in Berlin can finally be experienced again – newly curated, in a contemporary presentation, in the heart of Berlin.

Since the Humboldt Forum opened in July 2021, more than 100,000 people have already visited the center for art, culture and science.

Concept Humboldt Forum – place for culture and science, for exchange and debate.

The Humboldt Forum, in the rebuilt Berlin Palace, unites under its roof various institutions from the fields of culture and science. The Ethnological Museum, the Museum of Asian Art, the Berlin Exhibition and the Humboldt Laboratory of the Humboldt University are housed in the Humboldt Forum. Following the principle of the former Berlin Kunstkammer, the link between art and science is to be created. The concept of the Humboldt Forum thus borrows from the chambers of art and curiosities at the princely courts of the 16th century, in which the fields of nature, art and science were related to each other.

Structural Corporate Design

The high-quality, modern structural corporate design for the interior spaces, the design of the service and recreation zones as well as the guidance and orientation system – developed by Holzer Kobler Architekturen in cooperation with Studio Gourdin / Gourdin & Müller – is intended to convey an open welcoming culture to the world of the Humboldt Forum with its diverse uses through colors, materials and light.

Encounters in multiplicity

On the opening days, representatives of different societies as well as international artists, experts and partners presented their perspectives on the collections and new insights into their origins at action areas distributed throughout the Humboldt Forum. In this way, previously hidden stories of the exhibits became visible and audible. Only through these different encounters – especially with the visitors – did the beauties, fragilities and contradictions of diversity begin to come to life.

Opening days with action areas – encounters while listening, talking, telling stories

Spread over all floors, in the spacious entrance, but also outdoors in the Schlüter Hof:
All action areas were “furnished” by the exhibition planners of the Humboldt Forum with a total of 200 Xbrick multifunctional stools in many colors and accessories.
As a seat or standing aid, quickly converted into a pedestal or table, or used as a drum box, Xbrick configures the various action areas in ever new and different ways. The various artists and experts intuitively, almost silently and in the blink of an eye, reconfigured the action areas for their action, for their performance – indoors and outdoors.

Even in the breaks between the actions, the action areas with the Xbrick enjoyed great popularity: visitors of all ages built, stacked, created towers and arranged seating, following the mission statement of the Humbold Forum:

“…We create experimental free spaces for new approaches, ideas and formats. In this way, we stand for an inspiring spirit of experimentation, which is inherent in the courage to take risks and which does not allow itself to be deterred by the possibility of failure …”

In its timeless and simple design language, Xbrick adapts individually to room situations. Also in the Humboldt Forum the multifunctional Xbrick
playfully, as if it were a matter of course, into the high-quality, modern corporate design.

Accompany modern museum education

Xbrick is robustly constructed from 100% recyclable single-grade expanded polypropylene that is easy to recycle. With its many uses with and without accessories, Xbrick is the ideal companion for modern museum education, creative methods and forms of play that encourage and support intellectual engagement with the subject and objects of exhibitions in museums.
Learning and dealing with a topic needs space. Sometimes open spaces, sometimes clearly structured spaces, sometimes completely new spaces. The equipment and furnishings of learning spaces have a significant effect on our mood. And thus also on our learning success.
We need learning spaces in which we can communicate, interact and move towards each other. And for this we need a new kind of multifunctional furniture.

Mobile and usable anywhere, with six grip holes for easy handling as well as connection and plug-in possibilities for the Xbrick accessories:
X-lean – the perfect backrest for your Xbrick with a simple plug-in principle.
X-connector – connects 2 Xbrick to a robust unit
X-tseat – creates an agile workstation with a stable shelf to work on

At approximately 1.4 kg, Xbrick is extremely light for its volume and therefore easy to handle. The inhibition threshold to use Xbrick is therefore very low.
Xbrick owes its enormous pressure stability with little weight to its lightweight construction principle and its almost hollow inner rib structure.
Odorless and free of plasticizers, Xbrick can be used safely in combination with food or as a toy.

Xbrick receives BAG “particularly moving” certificate

Incidentally, the Federal Working Group for the Promotion of Posture and Physical Activity (Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Haltungs- und Bewegungsförderung e.V.) awards the “particularly moving” quality seal to products and concepts that lead to sustainable changes:
“Xbrick meets the criteria of a particularly moving offer and will receive the quality seal “particularly moving” of the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Haltungs- und Bewegungsförderung e.V. in August 2021.”


Design stool Xbrick is as flexible as its requirements.
Xbrick and its accessories had a successful appearance in the newly opened Humboldt Forum and were able to present themselves to a large audience. The exhibition organizers and planners were highly satisfied with the appearance of the. Until the next use, they will store them in the supplied transport and logistics boxes to save space.

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