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Greenesto: mobile sustainability workshops with Xbrick®.

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Year: 2022

Greenesto: mobile sustainability workshops with students

Workshop everywhere:
With Xbrick® it’s possible!

In order to be able to conduct the workshop model as low-threshold as possible, the Greensto coaches bring everything that is needed for the workshop. Even the furniture. The school hardly has to make any preparations. So the workshop can take place flexibly and, depending on the local possibilities, in the assembly hall, in the hallway and, in dry weather, in the courtyard, on the sports field or on the lawn.

Greenesto im freien unter Dach
Greenesto workshops mobil

Flexible workshop and learning settings: Impart knowledge intuitively with Xbrick®.

With the modular equipment, a wide variety of workshop formats are possible and the choaches can react dynamically to the requirements on site: the flexible Xbrick furniture modules are suitable for a wide variety of arrangements. Ideally, workshop landscapes and settings are created that are highly variable and can be changed quickly and easily. In these learning spaces, group work is easily facilitated, as are presentations, retreats or places for informal exchange. Xbrick® can help create these new learning spaces.

Dynamic workshop design – simply design it yourself

A dynamic learning space design means that the space itself and its furniture create flexible possibilities of use. Movable furniture such as Xbrick® allows participants to design their own learning settings, bring in their own ideas and work adapted to the task at hand. The Xbrick® in particular is suitable for switching quickly between individual, pair and group tasks.

In addition to the seating possibilities, the building blocks also create storage areas, side tables and poster boards. Because the coachees can participate in the use of the space, they can build exactly the right environment they need to work optimally. Moreover, co-designing their workshop environment has a motivating effect on the participants: They are more than mere consumers, but an active part of the learning process. This creates a working culture in which seminar leaders and participants can really meet at eye level. And this approach fits in perfectly with the hands-on philosophy of the Greenesto seminars. With Xbrick® and our accessories, modules are available that reconfigure learning spaces quickly and easily, making it easy for seminar participants to create their own working environment. Intuitively and in no time at all. Made of useful materials. For indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor workshop:
Xbrick® makes it possible

Sometimes there is no room available indoors. Or heat and bad air make concentrated work almost impossible on some days. A solution for this: Xbrick® makes innovative sustainable seminars, training courses and events possible outdoors with flexible furniture in a green meeting room.

Why are Xbrick® so suitable for mobile workshops – indoor and outdoor?

A special advantage is the low weight and the grip openings of the building blocks. This means that even young students can carry the workshop furniture to any location and move, dismantle and assemble it as needed. Another highlight is the easy cleaning of the building blocks. Thanks to the durable and robust plastic, cleaning is easy and does not cause any time-consuming complications. The material is stable and the Xbrick® can be placed outside without hesitation, even on uneven grass and other surfaces. The elements are robust, yet very gentle on their surroundings: the absorbent material does not cause scratches or noise, but can be moved very quietly. At the same time, Xbrick feel pleasantly warm and offer an ergonomically comfortable seat.

Download Area Xbrick

Advantages of outdoor seminars

Holding workshops outdoors not only saves events like seminars and training sessions from bad air indoors on hot summer days, but actually has some physiological, social and academic benefits.

Workshops outside increase the desire and motivation to participate in the training in an engaged way. The freer setting of a green event space can help participants find creative solutions and deal with conflicts more openly. Another positive factor is the effect of nature on our sense of stress. Spaces close to nature relieve high performance pressure and can lower stress levels.

Workshop on the road – How does it work?

Since the beginning of 2022, the Greenesto van is now on the road with a set consisting of 30 Xbrick® in several colours, 2 bench tops X-Bench and 2 table tops X-table as well as associated connectors and own whiteboards. The equipment fits well in the van and is sufficient for 10-20 participants.

Greenesto workshops mobil draußen
Greenesto workshops mobil
Greenesto Transport im Transporter


The interdisciplinary team of coaches, mentors and other creative minds has been running the workshops in schools since spring 2022 and has already inspired many teachers and pupils. Lisa Frank, a teacher at Solitude Gymnasium Weilimdorf, who took part in the Kintsugi workshop as part of the Children’s and Youth Day at the Science Festival on Rathausplatz, said: “I find this hands-on experience very motivating for the age group to creatively deal with the topic of sustainability.

The workshops use a variety of materials, such as Kintsugi method cards or the GREENESTO English workbook, which all participants receive.

Greenesto workshops mobil Transporter
Greenesto workshops mobil Outdoor

Most innovative climate protection project

The idea for GREENESTO was recognised as one of the most innovative climate protection projects by the Climate Innovation Council of the City of Stuttgart. For this, Greenesto is supported by the Climate Innovation Fund of the City of Stuttgart.

To the press release of the city of Stuttgart



As design thinking experts, the team is of course particularly aware that these formats can also be constantly improved and adapted. Therefore, the project is continuously optimised and the results are recorded at the end. The project will continue in 2023. More information here

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