Xbrick® as a stage element

Xbrick® as a stage element The Theater-AG of the Schickhardt-Gymnasium Herrenberg has been working with Xbrick® as a flexible stage module since 2023. Here is a field report: Xbrick® for art! It is obvious that Xbrick® is suitable as flexible seating in outdoor classrooms and for group work. Especially in the hot summer months, the […]

A history of sitting

From logs to sitting balls: A history of sitting Alongside crouching, kneeling or lying down, sitting has been a natural resting position since the dawn of humanity. Our sitting behavior has undergone a fascinating development over the course of history. Even our ancestors, the Neanderthals, sat on logs or other elevations to protect themselves from […]

Orgatec and adaptive workspaces

OrgaTec Adaptive Workspaces

Partner: wp_westermann products Photos:  Mario Brand Graphic: Heide Sorn-Daubner Year: 2022 Xbrick References Orgatec adaptive workspaces Behind the concept of wp_westermann products is the development and design team of wd3_spatial design. wp_westermann products relies on the Stuttgart-based design and development office for the entire product development process, from conception and construction to design and product […]

Greenesto: mobile sustainability workshops with Xbrick®.

Greenesto workshops mobil Transporter

Partner: Arena 2036 e.V. Photos: Arena 2036 Year: 2022 Greenesto: mobile sustainability workshops with students Workshop everywhere: With Xbrick® it’s possible! In order to be able to conduct the workshop model as low-threshold as possible, the Greensto coaches bring everything that is needed for the workshop. Even the furniture. The school hardly has to make […]