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Xbrick® offers a multifunctional solution for every spatial challenge. As flexible and robust tools, they allow you to playfully design work and office landscapes so that you can work optimally in your individual workspace. Whether for coworking, as a creative space or for presentations – Xbrick® stands, lies or stacks by your side.

Let your imagination run wild, even when it comes to colors: Our range includes a colorful palette of Xbick® – click here for all our colorful options. To help you decide, we’ve already put together a few handy sets. So you get a perfectly coordinated all-round solution, for example for group work or comfortable seating.

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Innovative solutions for your workspace

Every job has a myriad of requirements for the space in which it takes place. Sometimes the office landscape should offer the possibility for quiet and concentrated individual work, then a setup for a frontal presentation is necessary and a little later the heads should be put together for a brainstorming session at a Sharepoint Workspace. With our Xbrick® you don’t need different rooms or furniture to cover these needs in your working environment – with our Xbrick® you only need us, and from here on you decide freely and flexibly on the design of your rooms yourself. Our multifunctional furniture creates the ideal workspace in the here and now, when you need it and exactly how you need it. Assembling and rearranging is a breeze, because our plug-in furniture is super light, robust and allows you to simply follow your intuition: Plug, Stack, Move!

Our multifunctional furniture is the answer to modern space design. Ultralight and robust, they offer flexible and playful design options for any of your workspace needs. Their mobility and modularity allow you to make intuitive adjustments, while their clean design language fits seamlessly into different environments. Our multifunctional furniture embodies lightness, creativity and adaptability, reliably providing you with a dynamic and practical solution.

Benefits for your workspace

Multifunctional furniture from Xbrick®

If you want to learn more about Xbrick®, take a look at our blog. Here you will not only find insightful information about our history and the craft behind Xbrick®, but also numerous blog posts with exciting testimonials from various companies, institutions and events that are already enthusiastically using our Xbrick®.


Build your workspace

Xbrick® wants to make everything possible for you, quickly and easily. Because that’s exactly how multifunctional furniture is revolutionizing the way we design and use our spaces. Our Xbrick® are not just objects – they are transformable solutions that adapt to your needs. The ability to reconfigure this furniture at will allows you to playfully redefine your environment. A table can become a work surface or a dining area in the blink of an eye. It’s this flexibility that ensures our furniture doesn’t stay rigidly in one place, but is intuitive and adaptable to your current needs. This adaptability is especially valuable in modern lifestyles, which are often dynamic and versatile. Our multifunctional furniture offers you the possibility to react to spontaneous changes, be it in the design of presentations, the creation of work islands or the fundamental redesign of office spaces. Our Xbrick® allows you to use every square inch effectively while creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. Spaces can be reconfigured according to mood and need without requiring a lot of effort. This leads to a sense of control over our environment and promotes a positive sense of space. Experience your workspace in a new way – with Xbrick®.

Small but mighty: Together with Xbrick®, experience the entire spectrum of possibilities that lies dormant in your 20-square-meter room. Not for nothing was the thoughtful design of the Xbrick® awarded gold by the jury of the Focus Open 2018. As an ideal kick-start, we have put together our New Work Set for you.

If you stay dynamic in your room design, you also create space in your head. With changeable desk constellations, you open up your workspace for creative exchange and joint brainstorming. In the next moment, each employee gets his or her own maker space. Xbrick® accompanies you in an unobtrusive, functional and robust way.

Really let off steam, because in this room there’s room for many venues to work in – all at the same time. Have you ever thought about a seating area, for example? Sharepoints, workshop-style modules, simply places to relax or have lunch together – don’t choose one option, always choose everything.


What people who use our Xbrick® say

Customers tell about experiences with the XBrick seating cube for agile work and all its possible uses


Become individual with our multifunctional furniture

Do you want to bring your employees together for a meeting in a classic seating circle, or would you rather have them lined up neatly on the mobile bench? Questions upon questions – and we’re happy to help you answer them. Contact us so that we can find a way together to make your workspace more colorful, more mobile and more flexible. We look forward to hearing from you!

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