Stand-sit furniture for mobile office work

Seat cube Xbrick® -

Xbrick Starter-Set


See for yourself and get yourself an Xbrick Duo with X-Connector. Test the innovative furniture in your office, inside, outside, for sitting, standing and as storage.

175€ incl. VAT, incl. shipping in Germany

Are you looking for ideas for a new office?

Ob zur Büroplanung, Entwicklung von Raumstrukturen, Gestaltung von Arbeitsräumen oder zur Funktionsoptimierung, wir unterstützen Sie mit Projektbeispielen, Inspiration und Tools wie CAD-Daten, pCon und OFML.

Conjuring up adaptive workspaces with Xbrick, modular room element and seating furniture.

Make yourself and your employees happy: whether teamwork, home office or mobile working. With the Xbrick seating cube, you can bring movement into meetings and the office.
Xbrick is a cuboid seat cube – for sitting, working and as a storage surface.

Xbrick® is:

Mobile working, quick and easy with the lightweight Xbrick

Modular office furniture promotes concentrated teamwork and changing meetings. The conversion is quick. Xbrick, the lightweight modular stool for any room use and work situation.

New Work powered by Xbrick

Xbrick is the solution and unbeatable in use where high-performance teams practice innovative methods and approaches such as design thinking, agile working or Scrum.

workshop and meeting

sitting and standing individually

presentation and event

fast conversion in minutes

creative teamwork

easel and seat cube

outdoor office

carry briefly outside

Seat cube becomes multifunctional:

X-fold expandable with its wooden accessories for creative work in the office

As a seat or standing aid, quickly converted into a pedestal or used as a table, Xbrick configures rooms in a new and different way again and again. Intuitive, almost noiseless and in no time at all - whether indoors or outdoors, the seating cube promotes agile teams and creative work.

What makes the design stool Xbrick® so sustainable as office furniture in use and production?

We deliberately chose the 100% recyclable EPP material for our seat cube, because it makes the Xbrick so special and offers many functional and ecological advantages.

Restrained, simple, but always at your service: office furniture with a timeless appearance, robustly constructed from unmixed materials that are easy to recycle.

A product that is multifunctional and is used for a long time is sustainable. An endless number of possible applications with and without accessories. Across ages.

Production takes place in southern Germany. It is important to us to work with local suppliers and to keep transport routes short. Final assembly and dispatch are carried out by the workshops of Diakonie Stetten e.V.

Before a return to the recycling cycle is considered, Xbrick can also be used as a helper in production, by the caretaker or in the workshop after a long period of use. As a partner of C2C Lab, we are committed to transparent supply chains and a consistent recycling management.

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Gold Award auf der Focus Open 2018
The Xbrick - patented design and functionality
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As a stool weighing only 1.4 kg, Xbrick is right at the top of the list of the lightest office furniture.

What our partner companies and users say about the
seat cube for agile work

Xbrick as stool and space miracle for open offices and agile start-ups

Reference project:Innovative, agile work furniture for the start-up company "Staffbase

Creative participation in the work begins with putting together the required agile office furniture setting yourself.

Reference project:Innovative, agile work furniture for the start-up company "Staffbase"

Creative participation in the work begins with putting together the required agile office furniture setting yourself.

Moderne Büro und Office-Landschaften bei Staffbase

Inexpensive seat cube Xbrick - promoting innovative agile work

Conversion in minutes, individually changeable room use, for daily new settings.

Xbrick® black

88,– €

Xbrick® orange

146,– €

Xbrick Starter-Set


175,– €