From kids stool to versatile school furniture

The lightweight children’s stool can easily adapt to what is needed in the here and now. For example, more than just a seat, the children’s stool becomes a versatile piece of school furniture for indoors and outdoors in no time at all. Learning needs space. Sometimes free space, sometimes clearly structured rooms, sometimes completely new rooms. The equipment and furnishing of learning rooms has a decisive effect on our mood. And thus also on our learning success. We need learning rooms in which we can communicate, interact with each other and move towards each other. And for this we need a new type of school furniture.

Xbrick is stackable, light and mobile, simply used as a stool or as a modular element for indoor and outdoor use - all applications in one video!

space matters

PDF magazine

The magazine is our answer to the call for more spatial flexibility in the learning environment. Our versatile school furniture can be quickly and easily transformed into highly variable learning landscapes and settings. This enables group work as well as presentations, creating retreats or inviting informal exchange.

The children’s stool or also multifunctional stool, light and stable, seating or standing aid, quickly converted to a pedestal or used as a table, Xbrick configures rooms again and again in new and different ways. Intuitive, almost noiseless and in the twinkling of an eye.

Xbrick® stimulates interaction and communication. Its users are always on the move, whether in the office, at home, in the trades or at places of learning, from kindergarten to university, indoors or outdoors.

A flexible companion, X-fold applicable, simply a best buddy.

Xbrick consists of pure expanded polypropylene (EPP). We deliberately chose this 100% recyclable material because it makes Xbrick so special and offers many functional and ecological advantages.

The Xbrick is produced in southern Germany, and assembly and shipping are carried out by employees of the Remstal Werkstätten der Diakonie Stetten e. V., a recognised workshop for disabled people. As a partner of C2C Lab, we are committed to transparent supply chains and a consistent recycling management. At the end of a long product life, we take back used Xbrick and ensure that it can be reused or returned to the material cycle (100% recyclable). Xbricks can be used x-fold, not only in their application, but also in this sense.