Xbrick® Projects

Discover the different areas of application of the Xbrick and its practical accessories. Whether in schools, hotels, for outdoor events, trade fairs, agile and flexible office spaces and much more! Click on the different categories & discover the areas of use & application possibilities!

Xbrick examples of use & projects

Humboldt Forum

Berlin – 2021

The Humboldt Forum in Berlin is a universal museum in the historic centre of Berlin.

Here, the Xbrick serves as a modern and flexible seating element in the entrance area and numerous other halls of the museum.

wd3 GmbH

Wälderhaus /
einfal changes gGmbH

Hamburg – 2021

The Wälderhaus offers a wide variety of meeting rooms for seminars and courses.

The Xbrick provides support as a sitting or standing element and, with its accessories, also as a table, bench and mobile storage surface. For agility and flexibility in every seminar.

einfal changes gGmbH


Berlin – 2021

The kids.digilab.berlin offers regular courses & workshops for daycare groups and primary school class with the aim of early digital education.

The Xbrick supports the modern concept as a table, pedestal, tablet storage and agile furniture for flexible seminars.

Kirchner / SDTB

kidslab Xbrick children's furniture and school furniture

FORUM Haus der Architekten

Stuttgart – 2021

The Forum Haus der Architekten in Stuttgart offers larger seminar & conference rooms for various events.

The Xbrick is used as a flexible and mobile storage unit, but also as a seating element.

wd3 GmbH

Future of Festivals - Modulbox

Berlin – 2021

The Future of Festivals is the industry meeting for organisers, service providers, associations, decision-makers and trainees.

The Xbrick was presented and used to facilitate flexible networking. The agile seating always creates a pleasant place to get to know each other.

Photo & Partner:
modulbox mo systeme GmbH & Co.KG

Mercedes Benz UCI Mountain Bike Worldcup

Lenzerheide – 2021

In the Mercedes Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup, the best mountain bikers compete on various courses.

The Xbrick is used here to create seating grandstands and modern outdoor storage areas so that spectators and also athletes could find outdoor seating.

Photos & Partner:
modulbox mo systeme GmbH & Co.KG 

Shenzhen International Furniture Fair

Shenzhen – 2021

At the MATSU in Shenzhen, modern office concepts and innovative furniture pieces are presented. The Xbrick and its practical accessories were presented in a showroom and used at the fair as seating stands, flexible seating elements and storage space.

Photos: MATSU

Hotel Scholz

Aalen-Unterkochen – 2021

The Hotel Scholz combines traditional elements and modern concepts, fancy furnishings combined with timeless classic furniture.

The Xbrick fits perfectly into this concept and integrates as a modern storage surface and seating element.

Photos: Hotel Scholz

Xbrick at the

Berlin – 2021

Blickfang is the international design fair & shopping platform for independently produced design in the German-speaking world.

Watch the Xbrick at Blickfang on YouTube:
>> Xbrick auf YouTube

wd3 GmbH


Remseck – 2021

The Lise-Meitner-Gymnasium is an excellent grammar school near Leverkusen with a modern learning concept.

The Xbrick offers the possibility to move lessons outside or to integrate the Xbrick into the sports lessons.

Student Council
wp_westermann products

Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart

Stuttgart – 2021

The Stuttgart Media University is a state-run university of applied sciences. It has almost 30 accredited Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes.

The Xbrick complements the teaching & learning concept of the Stuttgart Media University with flexible seating elements and storage areas, especially in workshops and small working groups.

Photos: Studiengang Crossmedia-Redaktion/Public Relations

Urban Spaces

Stuttgart – 2021

Urban Spaces is a modern co-working space in Stuttgart that serves the New Work Office concept and offers an excellent digital infrastructure.

Our Xbrick therefore fits perfectly into the modern co-working space of Urban Spaces and is used as a mobile seat, storage & standing seating element.

Architect: Studio Komo

Staffbase GmbH

Chemnitz – 2021

Staffbase offers one of the leading apps in the field of employee communication & intranet.

Xbrick’s tools complement and support Staffbase’s modern working concept in the creation of mobile workgroups and flexible workspaces at any indoor or outdoor location!

Architect: Meyer-Grohbrügge
Photo: Dirk Hanus
Partner: wp westermann products

Matsu Group


The Matsu Group shows the Xbrick, its accessories and other products from wd3.design in showrooms and themed rooms. Agile workspaces, presentation rooms and rooms for agile work groups are presented.

Photos: Matsu
Partner: wp-westermann products